Oreo 8.1 serious bug problems | Need to fixed asap

I have recently flash the mokee 8.1 rom to my xiaomi redmi note 4g phone after boot i face some major problems please do check and solve as soon as possible.

Bug description:

  1. Mobile network section unable to open in settings(android.phone is stop working alert popup)
    2.Not getting my 4G SIM(Indian) network
    3.android process stop working alert dialog box popup(after boot/reboot of phone)
    4.clock stop working alert dialog box popup
    5.Screenshot is disabled i think(not found anywhere)
    6.Measurement of internet speed problem(always show 0kbps/0mbps)
    7.Too much hang sometimes

Affected version: MK8.1.0-dior-201803220821-Nightly (redmi note 4g)

Steps to replicate:
1.please add screenshot feature
2.please solve network related problems(such as 4G Sim functioning & fix the alert problem while opening Networks option as soon as possible
3.Fix measurement of internet speed problem

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No. It’s there since Android 1.0

Long press power and volume down.

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you need clear the data of clock or wipe all data

I suspect that a series of FC all because you don’t wipe the data after install GApps

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Thanks for suggestion,sometimes long press button dont work so i try to found other screenshot options but there is no option of screenshot toggle or 3 finger gesture to take screenshot in my rom