Not supported for X3 row device

Not supported for X3 row device

I tried installing the Mokee nightly build into Vibe X3 indian version. But when i tried to flash using TWRP an error message thrown with Error 7 which gives me details that this rom is supported for x3, x3a40, X3c50,X3c70 but your device is x3 Row. Go my query is whether it support for x3 Row devices or need to rise a device support request ?

open updater-script from direction of ROM\META-INF\com\google\android by notepad, then delete the first sentence. well down.

you need update the TWRP to version 3.2.1

Same issue!! my phone it´s a x3c70.
miuifan, can you share with me TWRP version 3.2.1?

I tried with this version of TWRP ( but I can´t flash

I already skip ERROR 7 by deleting the first sentence but now it calls to ERROR 6

By now, my phone says it doesn´t have OS and keeps on bootloop. Hope you can help me!