MI NOTE LTE (virgo) Chinese Font Missing Bug

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After updating to this version, a lot of Chinese/Pinyin fonts are missing like “,”, “为什么”, “酷”, etc…on homescreen, keyboards.

Affected version:


Steps to replicate:

  1. Reboot device/Power on device.
  2. Bug is already present in homescreen and keyboard. Only Chinese fonts are affected.

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Thanks for reporting.

Thanks for the report. It would be helpful with more details:

  1. What language(s) did you choose in Settings > System > Languages & input?
  2. Could you plz provide a screenshot when the problem happens?

I’m sorry to say that I’ve already downgraded back to the unaffected version as soon as I noticed the bug. But I can provide you with a screenshot of the language I’m using in the Settings. It is the same as the latest version as I didn’t change the language at all.

I tried such setup (English only) but could not reproduce the issue… Could you try adding one east Asian language to the end of language list?

And one more question, are you using any font module in substratum, Magisk or Xposed?

Hmm, I think I should try that method u suggested, will reflash and do so later…and that’s a good question, I thought I must be messed up with my Magisk modules at first, but strangely I didn’t flash any font module at all. I will provide 2 screenshots below for my installed modules on Magisk and Xposed, I didn’t have Substratum.

I found out that the bug was caused by the Pixel2Experience Magisk module. After I disabled that module, everything is back to normal again. Somehow one of the module files overrides the font.xml in MoKee system folder and messes up with the Chinese font. However, does this mean that starting from this ROM version font modules no longer work? Because it works well in the previous ROM version with no issue at all. Anyway, thanks a lot for your suggestions. Below are the screenshots of the bug before I disable the module:

I got it. Here is how it happens (supposedly): There is only one weight for CJK font available in Android, which could not match the English font Roboto and is unacceptable for our vast user bases in east Asia - texts on activity titles are rendered in two different weights!

We replaced the single-weight font file with a full-blown one in the 0329 build, and the font file name changed as well (NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc -> NotoSansCJK.ttc). The system is now able to render CJK characters in all 7 weights, matching western letters just fine, but this obviously breaks Magisk modules assuming NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc presents.

You may try putting NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc from previous versions to /system/fonts so that it’s compatibile with fonts.xml from the module. Or the module itself needs to be updated to avoid overriding the whole xml file.

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Great explanation, thanks a lot! Can you please upload the NotoSansCJK-Regular.ttc file at here? Or is there a way to get the file without downgrading to previous version? Appreciate your help…

This font family is a Google production:


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Thank you so much! Appreciate it.