Does Mokee 7.1.2 Nougat for Redmi Note 4G (dior) support fast/quick charge?


Does the nougat ROM for Redmi Note 4G ( support fast/quick charge?

I have noticed that both charging from the wall port and usb port is reduced very much when compared to the MIUI stock ROM.

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After some research, I came to find that updating the /sys/kernel/fast_charge/force_fast_charge file could improve the charging speed.

Only the force_fast_charge file is under the fast_charge folder, I believe only this is supported by Mokee.
After updating the force_fast_charge file, I can see some improvement when connected to PC USB (I get the maximum out of it, around 400-480 mA), but could not get better when connected to wall port (doing so should give you atleast 1.0A, 2.1A at max, but I could only get around 380-480 mA!)
I believe I understand why custom ROMs are hesitant to have quick/fast charge options enabled(apparently quick/fast charging is actually not advisable), but would be nice to leave the choice to users.