Need overclock supported kernel for htc m8 in mokee

Many roms like beanstalk, flyme os are offering overclocking option after rooting. Please add a overclocking kernel because present kernel which mokee is using doesn’t support virtual memory or other things. And I tried the mobile to be overclocked to 2880mhz which makes mobile just like butter smother than previous when I was in beanstalk rom.
But I know mokee is quite fast by born, but people wants the best and I also want my best from my device. I had to change my rom to mokee because it has daily updates. I love this rom. Just shared my opinion with you people. Thanks to the developers

Just flash a custom kernel you preferred.

Stable is the first consideration for MoKee, in my opinion.

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I tried. But mokee doesn’t boot up after flashing custom kernel. Can you provide me one?