ZUK Z2 Pro - MK81.0-z2pro-201804021732-NIGHTLY

Anybody with same issues?
Camera not working, Youtube App not working, Amazon app not working?

me too😂wait 0403

and alibaba not working

New nightly release changed nothing :frowning:

me too,0405still not working

Still the same. Ist take every Suggestion…

use0327。We have found the problems in 0328。But till now, nobody say anything about it.

Camera not working for me either since 0328, camera shows black screen and hangs. Had to revert to earlier zip.

hello since update 14/4 on zuk z2 pro. camera and youtube works thanks mokee team

Hello after the updates to this message that is displayed. we can solve this problem. thank you

Please could you tell us briefly how you solved that OPM2.17019.029 message? thanks.

sorry hello but i did not solve the problem. and I do not have much problem in spite of that. I do not know what this message is. sorry

Ok thanks, my phone functions normally despite of that too.