LTE on LG G2 not working mk71.2-d802-201804050258-NIGHTLY

Hi everyone,

I noticed that in every version that I tried (also several months ago) for this cellphone model (d802) if I select in SETTINGS–>WIRELESS AND NETWORKS–>CELLULAR NETWORKS–>PREFERRED NETWORK–>LTE it will always select a 3g HSPA network and never a LTE.

I’ve also tried to follow instructions like:
go to your dialer and digit x#x#4636#x#x (where every x stands for * asterisk)
Click on Phone Info and scroll down to where it says Pick Prefered Network Type.
I tried several settings and combinations but none worked, especially I tried the “only LTE” setting where the cellphone would constantly be searching for networks without registering on any.

Is there any known way to solve this problem?

Thanks to all, my best wishes,
Pietro from Italy

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