Redmi Note 4g(dior) Will the edge touch bug be fixed in the upcoming Oreo ROM? (bug is still in Nougat ROM)


Will the edge touch bug be fixed in the upcoming Oreo ROM?, the bug is still in Nougat ROM.
For anyone who’s not familiar with edge touch bug - edge touch bug is a bug which sometimes does not recognize pressing near the screen edges, for example, sometimes you might find it hard to press “p”,“q”, delete, enter keys on the soft keyboard(you have to press them repeatedly). There’s been a lot going on xda developers on this.

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Anyone? (I find mokee the best among other roms available for redmi note 4g, want to use it as daily driver, but this edge touch bug is really a big problem)

maybe you should to contact @subdragonzj

or feedback here:

Done, thank you…

You can use Agni kernel if u need to fix edge bug in nougat roms.
It will work on all nougat roms including mokee 71.
However in oreo, there is no kenel available. The dev needs to fix it

Many thanks, flashed agni kernel, edge bug seemed to have gone away and no other problems faced so far…

I too have edge bug issue.
Agni will solve the problem.
It is also good for performance and battery savings if tweaked correctly.

Faced below problem twice
one time, the back button did not work at all, it gets lit up(with rest of us) but tapping it does not do anything, the other time it was home button and back button. Never had any problems with the recents button though

Rebooting solved the problem, pretty sure it is not some hardware problem, never faced it previously too.

Did you ever face this problem? (after flashing agni kernel)

I too get this sometimes.
But too rarely.
My home button not works sometimes