OTA download folder & Magisk

Thanks for your hard work!
I’ve donated few minutes ago in order to receive incremental OTAs.
When I’ve flashed it, I lost root (Magisk). So, I have 2 questions?

  1. What is the OTA download folder? Where are the downloaded files located in the phone?
  2. Is there a way to edit the update script to add supplementary zip files to be flashed? Where is this script located in the phone?


OTA download folder:sdcard/mkupdater
Browser download folder:sdcard/Download

/system/addon.d ,I think this is the folder you’re talking about。

if you use MK71.x,the system has Root authority management,you can from Setting→Developer options→Root access→choose “Apps and adb” to open it。

if you use MK81.x,you need install Addonsu or Magisk to get Root management。Update system will not lose Root,whether it’s Addonsu or Magisk。Addonsu is the Setting in the developer option,Magisk is the one you are using。

Thanks for your suggestions.
I’m dropping Magisk for the internal su and seems the OTAs do not remove/wipe gapps and viper (seems I’m ok on this).
The only thing that I miss now, is the ability to flash a kernel.
I’ll try later and post the results.
Thanks again.

Old brother, what’s the result?

Well, I couldn’t do all the homework. I have dropped Magisk and, probably, will use AutoFlasher (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.davison.autoflasher) to do the job of flashing secondary zips after the OTA. I need to discover a way to download-only the OTAs and not invoke the script to reboot/flash. Or, the long (and correct) way, edit the script.

About magisk: Please do not delete your magisk installer zip if you want to use add-on.d, but you can delete the install zip once you have successfully used addon.d script.

any idea how to use this addon.d script in order to flash magisk.zip everytime i did ota?

Thanks for jumping. However, I’m quite busy for 2 weeks and I did not have time to test them. Maybe somebody else can help us with this.