Bluethooth Audio Not Working Virgo 7.1.2 RELEASE

Bug description:
Audio through Bluetooth not WORK .When connected to Bluetooth speakers, sound cannot be played through the Bluetooth speakers, no sound is heard.

Affected version: MK71.2-virgo-180418-RELEASE

Steps to replicate:
Turn on [Bluetooth].
Connect to one of the Bluetooth speakers.
Once “connected” or “paired”, open a Music app.
Play a song.
Sound/Music cannot be heard through the Bluetooth speakers.

Confirm bug

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Developers can fix this bug? The rom is very stable and daily usable

Switching to MK81.0 may help.

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Yes, but the mk8.10 is a night version, it could be unstable and not usable daily. If you can fix it it would be perfect. Thanks for the support.