MK81 for virgo - Cannot automatically create icons schortcuts from installed apps on home screen:(

Hello MoKee devs! I have problem only with MK81 system. On MK71 problem not occurs.

Bug description:

Cannot automatically create app icons on home screen after install.
Cannot create icons schortcuts from apps :frowning:

I’m using a CM Lite app. This App have a function “add icon 1Tapboost to homescreen”. This function not work. If I click “create” - icons not created.

It looks as if the Mokee launcher did not allow creating icons. (I have enabled “schortcut icons” in launcher settings)

Affected version:

MK81 - all nightly versions

Steps to replicate:

  1. Please install any app from Google play store.
  2. Shortcut icon for this app is not automatically created on home screen.

On other android systems (like MK71-release, miui, other stock roms, etc.) icons for installed app from play store is automatic created on home screen after install.

Icons is only created on app drawer…

Please help and fix it.

I have a Mi note LTE virgo and MK81 - latest version (20180506)

Best Regards.

/// What is time to accept and implement the translate texts ?
I translated on crowdin this texts more than month ago… and some not implemented (ex. screenshot in quick bar menu etc.)

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