A few questions Z00A

well,first,i wanna know why is the builds of Z00A on automatic ? don’t say is not coz i am very sure that is imposible to make changes to the rom in just few hours ,especially that most of the files have same size,but is curios that some of them,like every 3 days,the size is less,another question,is this device still supported and improved in the mokee ? if not,i wanna know,not to waiste my dam time downloading the same rom but with another id ,another question is,can we ask for some options to be added to the rom ?

All Mokee ROMs are automatically built by the Mokee Build Server, on the same device, nightly version image file size NOT differ too much. Every day, the ROM has some features that u can’t see(u can see the change log here→ChangeLog). Mokee ROM is based on the Android Open Source Project, so it will not be have some deviations from AOSP functionality(add features like RR OS).

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so i am right,nothing is new in this rom for this device,if it is autamated,then nothing will ever change,everything is the same,nightly or not,oh well,is good to know not to bother downloading new versions,just will put the phone to check manualy,so i will not use that internet band for nothing,as for the options,i wasn’t talking about RR or something similar,but is no point to ask,as nobody is actually working on this rom