mido redmi note 4 mokee 7.1.2 dated 16 may 2018

mokee built 7.1.2 , camera is not as good as it used be specially front cam, please look into it , highly appreciate the work done by mokee team thank you , and please dont include xposed as system app , i dont want to root my device and its frustrated to get xposed forced closed error again and again , so please , dont include xposed as system app in next built , and please look in to the camera , specially the front camera quality is not as good as it happens to be on miui ,thank you mokee team for stable rom , there is no bug in your rom , it stable

The camera of Open Source rom is usually open source cameras, which can only be used but not well used.

maybe you can use the Google Camera App,its HDR+ is second to none.

As for Xposed, you can try to close it and disable it.

Turn off its switch, and the phone will not load the Xposed framework when it starts, disable it can make you happy. :joy:

Yeah i had already disabled it , bt still i dont seem its necessary to put xposed as a system app, when we are getting a unrooted rom , those who want to root their device they can even instal xposed seperately ,

And thanx for the camera app bro
Rest mokee rom is stable thanx to mokee team

yeah I still think mokee71.2 built-in xposed is a wrong decision.