Mokee 8.1 nightly factory reset for Virgo


Thanks for providing support for the brilliant Mi Note LTE. So happy that someone is continuing development, where MIUI abandoned this lovely phone. MIUI 9 has an awful battery drain through the Bluetooth.

I am new to MoKee, and was using for a few days. I wanted to factory reset the system and did this through the settings.

The phone reset itself and went into TWRP and stuck there. Anytime I reset the phone, it went into TWRP. I tried flashing the newest MK71 Release and the phone still booted into TWRP.

I ended up searching on the internet and found 2 terminal commands that I had to use in TWRP terminal, and using those fixed the boot loop.

My question is - Am I not supposed to use the Android factory reset in Mokee? Is this a bug with Mokee 81? Or a bug with TWRP?


That’s something wrong with twrp.
Flashing back to miui’s recovery, that should work fine.

Thanks for the advice. Thought it must be something to do with TWRP.