GAPPS on Virgo

GAPPS on Virgo

Has anyone been able to flash Stock or Full Open GAPPS on the Virgo for either Mokee 81 or 71?

Whenever I try, I get an error saying not enough space on System Partition. I can only flash Mini GAPPS or smaller.

I have done a full format of all partitions/caches except personal storage (where the flash files are).

Does anyone know of a way to enlarge the System Partition, or is it too risky or impossible?

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That’s tan90°.

Virgo is getting old, its system partition, which was originally enough space, became crowded today.

And the phone has no other redundant partitions, repartition is not only difficult to operate, but also has great risks.

so, I think you need install the Mini OpenGApps or smaller, and install other Google apps on your own after this.

u can use the magisk module to mount gapps.(Ignoring system partition space)
Magisk - Magic GApps module

Can you explain how to do that? I have the problem of insufficient space in a mi2s with mokee 9.0, even with the smallest gapps.

It is normal, system partition of 2S is only 1G, Android system and GApps are growing up.

Then I will not be able to install gapps in Mokee 9.0 ever?

emmmm, if you use magisk, maybe you can try this?!8IxjTCKL!czgFyYBYW_a7qJoR4maPwSpYgChnr_iw1rkAjWwWokA

my aries(mi2s) using this module now.

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Are you using that in Mokee 9.0 in your mi2s? Everything works without problems (google apps)?


Thank you, I will try it when I have time, I will be commenting here how it was.

Thank you very much, it has worked for me! A question, should it be installed every time the OS is updated?

MoKee updates are compatible with Magisk, and do not need to be installed repeatedly for each update.

However, Magisk has some bugs on some devices such as Aries, and probably the same problem on Virgo. Maybe you need to install Magisk App before flashing Magisk zip, and after flashing the zip, you need to close the Magisk Hide function in the App settings, and then reboot, the application installation function can be used normally.

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