Xposed unistaller

hello, i would like to know how to remove xposed from the rom to be able to use the Snapchat app thanks :slight_smile: (nubia z17s)

flash MoKee81.0.
MoKee71.2, built-in xposed framework cannot be uninstalled.(framework based on MoKee source code, both have been merged)

You can try to flash the Offical uninstaller zip

Offical uninstaller zip isnt for built-in xposed framework.

But I tried it, it worked

try to flash xposed framework again
100% ERROR

u should know↓

Well…maybe my operation is wrong

slim you do not have an idea how I could do to use Snapchat? knowing that the app does not work if the phone is Root

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Use some applications(xposed module, magisk) to hide root

the problem is that if i want to use Snapchat it should have no trace of xposed and roit in my phone :blush:

Some xposed module & magisk manager can hide root (disable root/xposed framework check) for your application.

I can not find the modules you are talking about :frowning:

ANRC → https://github.com/wDCat/ANRC

Thank you, I will try that I come back to you with good news I hope :slight_smile:

It still does not work, in the ANRC app I have to activate “non-xposed mode” otherwise the app will display an error message. Maybe it’s due to that …