Camera Fix needed for Whyred Indian Variant

I have tested the latest build of MOKEE for WhyRed , every thing is fine in our indian variant except the camera is not working , it might because of Chinese variant which got a bit different camera setup , i hope developer will include the missing camera libs of Indian variant .any thing further info about our device ping me @vgopal007 telegram


Confirmed , Please add Indian variant Camera drivers.

Confirmed! Like the OP said, there’s camera incompatibility with early Mokee builds for Indian RN5 Pro. Please add respective camera libs for this device. It’s a bummer that it’s working perfectly on RN5 china but not on RN5 Pro. Hoping to see camera work in the next subsequent builds. Thanks in advance. You guys did a great work.

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@GuaiYiHu check this issue pls.

As I didn’t add camera blobs for the global version which is named redmi note 5 pro, so the camera doesn’t work temporarily. I will add the blobs after next xiaomi kernel source update and change the name to redmi note 5/pro.

Btw, I will try to pull the blobs from miui global version, does anyone like to test that for me?

tg @GuaiYiHu

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相机不工作 - Whyred(印度版)

thankyou for your quick action

camera for India version rn5p shall be fixed in tommorrow’s nightly build.