Redmi Note 5 China front camera is broken/wifi bonding

So the front camera has only 720P recording and it’s only working on the snapdragon camera. On gcam is broken and I can’t even open it after I enabled hal3. It’s also broken on WhatsApp, Instagram and every other camera app other than the camera app that’s built in.
The back camera has only 1080P video as well. No 4K.

Also, can you please enable channel bounding for 2.4gHz? I know it’s not available on stock but it’s an important feature.
Other than that the ROM is working great!

after enabling hal3 support, that kills camera in what’s app and other apps.

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What about the resolution? Is that normal too? 720P on a 13MP camera?
Also, on every other ROM I can actually use the GCAM.
Old camera blobs,drivers?

Just saying, channel bonding is possible on stock rom.

only for 2.4Ghz frequency.

Go the path: / system / vendor / etc / wifi / open the text file WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
and add the line
gChannelBondingMode24GHz = 1

will support 4k next version

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How about Xiaomi Mi Note LTE (virgo), can you pls enable the 4k recording too? Thanks a lot.