Lawnchair lags on MK81 Virgo. Wifi direct display still not work.

Bug description:

Lawnchair launcher lags and wifi display not work on MK81.

Affected version:

MK81 - latest versions (15 may 2018 and up)

Steps to replicate:

After few hours, launcher have many lags, delays.
If click on icons, and hardware buttons (menu, back, home).
I must frequently manual restart the phone or “Restart Lawnchair” to resolve problem for next few hours.

Example after few hours:

Please click on hardware button “latest apps”.
Next please click on home button.

Phone come back to home screen after 2 or more seconds, not upon click.

On another launchers (like Nova, Microsoft etc.) this problem not exist.
It is only on original Lawnchair launcher.

Wifi direct - not found any wifi display devices. This problem still from first version of MK81. Do You plann to fix it in MK81 ?

Best Regards.

@martincz Check this issue pls.


Dear Devs.

When You fix this bug? Lawnchair Is veeeryyy laggyyy in Mi note after clicking hardware buttons.

Please check.

Lawnchair works verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry smoothly on my Virgo. Please uninstall your xposed and magisk.

I dont have any xposed, and magisk installed :frowning:
I now try come back to MK71 release versions.
MK81 is veeeryy laggy and bug for me. I cannot use phone for daily on this system :frowning:

I have very delays on click hardware buttons…

I have a nonstop “Android Write bug report” message on system notifications…