Bugs, Themes, Whyred.

System UI doesn’t theme by substratum. Tried every substratum I use but not themed. And style (automatic time of the day) doesn’t work, live display too, even in night it detects as day.
@GuaiYiHu hope you fix this all

maybe you need changer the time zone to your.

Setting→System→Data&time→Select time zone→Select your time zone

Sir, I came from lineage os. And it also had the same issue. I’ve tried that already. Didn’t work. It’s the ROM issue.


@guaiyihu :joy:

For theme, u are supposed to change the theme to oreo mode, it is the theme not me that is to blame. For time zone, maybe you have to change that by yourself as in some place, u cannot connect to the time server.

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For livedisplay, that’s a bug made by someone and we have already fixed this bug but we are reviewing that fix.


So livedisplays bug isn’t fix. Fixing it won’t take time isn’t it?

You can look at the version of the next one or two days

I’ve noticed that, in while setting up wi-fi hotspot our device should support 5G GHz AP band. But it’s showing only one 2.4 GHz.