Google Assistant不起作用

Google Assistant不起作用


该设备是OnePlus 2。


Suppose you use english
Although the Google assistant has announced that it is open to eligible devices
I do not know whether your equipment is eligible, perhaps Assistant is pushed by the manufacturers (ota)
But mokee is the third party rom
You can use build.prop to modify the device model to Google pixel
It is said that one plus itself is very close to native Android, and you may provide some information less
Is oxygen os not providing assistant?
Have you ever used Assistant on mokee?

I also use Google to translate
ps: I am not using mokee now so I do not know that English is also poor, google translation is good
hope this helps

If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.

尽管Google assistant宣布开放给符合条件的设备
最普遍方法是使用build.prop修改设备型号到Google pixel
难道oxygen os不提供Assistant?


The Google Assistant works both on the Oxygen OS ROM as well as on Lineage OS and other Nougat based custom ROMs.
For Mokee saying ‘OK Google’ doesn’t activate assistant, however long pressing home button does activates it.

Only the assistant can not be activated successfully?
Custom home button in the settings, you can check it
I do not use google assistant,I do not know if it can be opened from the search like Google now

I’ve activated it with the custom home button only.
It’s just that when I say Okay Google the phone doesn’t detect it at all

mokee similar to lineage, if you normally install Google services, theoretically can be used
It is possible that mokee’s background management prevents the “ok google” voice from waking up
(Zeus…something I do not know it’s English translation,This is probably the mokee addition to the Chinese localization, paid donation service with lineage the biggest difference)
PS :maybe it called Aegis

In fact, I do not think it is a good idea to ask questions here, at least now.
There are still few people here. Go to some bigger forum like xda (i only know this)
The fun or pain of using a third party rom is diy
No warm after-sales service. Can only use Google more.

Probably I can only help here, I just a former ordinary users

You can activate Assistant with the home button, right?
Only problem is phone can‘t detect Okay Google
If this is true, it can be background management issue.

mokee mainly for the Chinese mainland
Chinese localization, more powerful background management
Because Google is inaccessible in China, there is no play service
app background flooding. Power consumption increased significantly.
Push platform missing (gcm / fcm), that stuff needs play service. Here even Google does not exist.
One app one background push service, the biggest role is to push ads
Write so much, it looks like I feel good today :slight_smile:
Finally, I hope you can solve the problem

My Google Nexus 4 can use the Google Assistant,on the MoKee

Do you also have the same description in Google settings->voice->‘OK Google detection’
PS- look at the strange symbols.

This is my Google Assistant, no problem.

However, when I use Chinese, the switch can not open, but can respond to this directive “OK Google”.
emmmmmm……That’s a metaphysical problem.