[whyred] Redmi Note 5 fullscreen for unsupported apps


Would you kindly add 18:9 aspect ratio for unsupported full screen apps (like old games). RR and Lineage OS have this option in settings (look at screenshot below). Is it possible to add this in MoKee ROM? :blush:

Developer @guaiyihu or someone please answer. Thank you!

we are reviewing this feature.

this was added by developer himself, just an unstable test feature.

@GuaiYiHu so will you add something simular in next builds?

not until the feature is merged in our main tree.

What does it mean? I need jiust simple answer: yes or no, and if yes - when?

If it can pass the review, it is yes, if it can not be approved, it is no.

Until it can pass the review and this feature is merged to a new version.