Redm Note 5 cn/ Pro in/ Whyred OTG?

Hi Team,

Thank you for this great rom. Battery life is better than Miui.

Is it that this ROM doesn’t support OTG? Tried several devices its not showing up in storage.


actually, otg works on my redmi note 5 china version, what’s your format of your USB disk? Exfat? NTFS?
BTW, are you using the india version, does camera work on your device? I wanna confirm that.

Thank you for your reply & now it started working in latest build.

I have another issue front camera not working in IMO, Instagram & whatsapp.

IMO showed the below reason.

And in advanced settings, enabling camera2api doesnt work.

Can we have support for Google Camera.



Did you see?

turn off the camera api2.

To use Google Camera, added camera2 api to build.prop so it was never enabled in advanced settings.