Apps crashing after update MK81 build 0240+ cancro

After updating to MK81.0-cancro-201806130240-NIGHTLY
Whatsapp, Swiftkey crashing constantly.
Even mokee panel not working.

upd: installed MK81.0-cancro-201806120239-NIGHTLY and it is working, but not stable.
upd2: build 0241 app crashing

Confirm this.
After todays Cancro update system crashed.
I’ve tried a full clean install, but it was not solved this issue.
All internet browsers crashed and not working.
Google Services stopped to work.
Everything was useless…

I need to going back 20180612 build. There is everything is okay!

This’s a bug.
Barring accidents, this bug will fix after 20180614 version

Unfortunately no. Nothing was fixed on todays build (06.14.)

:joy: :joy: sad story.

Thank you @GuaiYiHu
I’ve installed build#2018-06-16
It seems everything is all right again !!!
Thanks for continous support!