WiFi with 'x'

Hi, love the ROM - using d2att’s recent ‘MK71.2-d2att-180529-RELEASE.zip’ I see a small ‘x’ on the WiFi icon (top right - status bar) though WiFi seems to be working OK. The chipset on some variants of the d2* have an issue (please see https://jira.lineageos.org/browse/BUGBASH-107 which is addressed in https://jira.lineageos.org/browse/BUGBASH-6); “Paul Keith” (aka javelinanddart) did alot of work and ultimately was able to resolve it - I highly suggest a revisit and as it looks like someone broke something in the code recently.

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In passing, this issue is NOT there in ‘MK71.2-d2att-180515-RELEASE.zip’.

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connect to Internet = connect to Google server…so…

maybe you can use it to solve the problem:https://www.coolapk.com/apk/tech.evlsoc.captivemgr

use the server of MIUI or Qualcomm,then refresh icons, which maybe can solved this problem.

Yes it attempts to connect to Google (and thus its 'net connectivity status) and the URL noted (coolapk - sorry, don’t know Japanese) seems like a work-around (I’m guessing it will allow one to point at a server other than Google - which I doubt is the issue, my guess is that there is an underlining problem that was recently introduced).

The point I was making is that something in the WiFi code changed and now what used to work, doesn’t anymore… It warrants an investigation, no ?

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Beyond the aesthetics (looks wrong) there are ramifications which I just noticed - I stopped getting whatsapp notifications. Whatsapp used to download messages and notify me of them, now whatsapp does not download any messages and there are NO notifications (in fact, when I open Whatsapp I see a deluge of new messages being downloaded) - I’m guessing that the application believes it doesn’t have WiFi connectivity and so it doesn’t try or even attempt to fetch/download anything unless it is forced to when the application is opened.

Now this is a serious nuisance ! I seriously hope a developer/maintainer is looking into this…

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You just dont really connect to the Google servers. GMS is not connected. This isnt a bug, but your network environment cannot connect to the Google servers.

This way simply makes the system appear to be connected to the Google server. In fact, u dont really connect to the Google server. Instead, u change the server address used by the system to verify your network connection, change it to which is work normally in your network environment.

Hi, I’m getting this WiFi “x” in certain locations only so I fully agree with you that it is environment based - but how do I go about debugging this ? What URL is being reached out to - is it “google.com/generate_204” or … ? Where in the source code is this ?

The applications noted here unfortunately don’t help - I don’t speak Japanese and can’t decipher what they do (even with google’s translate) or how to use 'em. I’d much rather “ping” or “curl” my way to a solution…