Google contacts sync Issue Kenzo

I am using latest build 7.12 based on Android 7.1 for my Redmi note 3 Kenzo but unable to sync google contacts .

Please help to fix this issue…as ROM is flawless for gaming and battery life is great.

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same like me onyx.last release

Exactly the same situation with Leeco Le Max 2 phone with A7.1.2

Anybody solved the issue?

nope not yet fix shiit

For many users factory reset worked
And google contact sync started working
Try it?”

It did not work for me.

MK81.0 doesn’t have this problem, you can upgrade if you want

I would gladly upgrade, but all OREOs give me green tint on my phone. So I need to use 7.1.2

Maybe you have to flash latest firmware

Thank you for your suggestion Xie_Long, sadly, but not working .Tried 2 latest (official and developer) firrmwares. Google contacts sync stop at the very first sync and shows that time. It is problem with ROM, as other ROMs are OK.
Xie_Long do you know if this thread is monitored by Mokee developers?

I did install
Those old Gapps synced contacts, but did not sync calendar. Also insist to update Gapps. After update- contacts do not sync again, but calendar sync :slight_smile:
Definitely ROM problem.

This issue has been noticed by some developers. But they also have no idea.

Actually what I mean is that the latest firmware may solve this problem.

My phone is a zenfone 2 z00a.
I installed and
I tried with a gapp version from february but didn’t work too.

Same problem with a klteduos. I tried removing the Google Account and adding it again. I got the contacts to sync but it’s not showing on the contact app. I tried enabling xposed (was FCing) but it doesn’t look like that’s the problem. I wonder if there’s any alternative to sync the contacts manually until the issue is solved.

I have the same problem :frowning:

I also use MK 81, it is the same problem

Set the permission for the phone application to have access to the device’s memory ( storage ), in app permissions. Everything should work

I set the permission but didn’t work. The problem is the sync with the google and contact app.

Setting these permissions did not solve the issue. I check permissions for both the Phone app and Contacts app. Sync is still not working.