Google contacts sync issue

Tried many scenarios installling. Wiping etc. Nothing helps. Contact sync icon “Stuck”. Contacts not synced. Any suggestions from those who solved that please?

Same problem in osprey (motog2015)

I think everyone is facing this problem

same on redmi 4x santoni

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Agreed! Problem still exists

I did install
Those old Gapps synced contacts, but did not sync calendar. Also insist to update Gapps. After update- contacts do not sync again, but calendar sync :slight_smile:

+1 to this issue. Google Contacts sync halts and is permanently pending.

The recent sync date jun/22 is miselading, since contacts are not actually synced.

Any workarounds would be appreciated. Other than that, does anyone know how I can gather logs to help. I can upload those if they help.

The same problem here on Lenovo a6010

Issue happened recently on nx595j, Make me crazy these days.

Did the mokee team answered something about the problem?

A workaround (without the Sync) is to export your contacts from Google and import the file using the Contact apps. I tried pretty much all versions and combinations for the latest Mokee, but so far, nothing. A new nightly is out, I’m gonna check it soon and will update if we have any progress!

this problem in Sync is occurring in Moto E 2015 (Otus) I hope they solve this bug, better ROM to Mokee :slight_smile:

Same Problem,

It is found across all the Mokee ROMs for all the devices.

I have tried flashing diffrent GApps packges, but since the May 2018 - 20180529 RELEASE Update, Google Contact sync not working at all. Not even on the latest version of the MoKee NIGHTLY.

Please fix it.

Zte z11 max MK71.2-nx523j-180619-RELEASE problem sync . Contact not work sync

Set the permission for the phone application to have access to the device’s memory ( storage ), in app permissions.
Everything should work

Thanks for the tip, @Kingleon.

I checked the permissions on the Phone and Contacts app, all granted, and contacts are still no synchronizing. Bummer.

It didn’t work.

I have same problem too. And I tried other mokee roms. Now there is no wifi/sim and imei. :slight_smile: Let’s be crazy. Hope they will solve it.

Same problem in Adisson :frowning: no sync

Same here with santoni