Google contacts sync issue

Google contacts sync issue


I’m willing to collect logs and help resolve this. Where can I open support issues/tickets/bugs for developers?



Had this issue once before on santoni. Dind’t find out how to fix.
Had this now on osprey (my baby boy destroyed my santoni).
I flashed mokee 71 build 20180707 and nano opengapps from 20180706 and contacts didn’t sync.

What worked for me was simply dirty flashing the gapps from this post:

Contacts started syncing even before updating Google Play Services.

Hope this also works for you, guys.


Confirm that the problem exists


After the first run [GAPPS] A-GAPPS 7.x.x (49MB) {arm, arm64} , the contacts were synchronized. Then Google services were automatically updated and the contacts are not synchronized again.


Same issue in the lastest builds, Any solution?


Just updated to the latest stable release of this month for the Zenfone 2 Z00A.

Contact sync is still not working. Plus, Calendar sync is also broken now. Great!


Maybe we can wait for the end of the World Cup. Leader @martincz is a Fanatic football fan. :rofl:


I am also facing the same problem of contacts with Moto G2.
Please fix this issue…


I am also facing the same problem of contacts with Asus Zenfone 2
Please help us fix this it


I am also facing the same problem with my NX595J. Nothing new about this problem ?

Where are the devs ? That’s too bad that such good roms are unusable because of this sync problem …


same problem me too.


Issue still exists, no development and no improvement, no response. Nice community!!!


martincz:Google’s synchronization issue is only related to the network and GAPPS. GAPPS are standalone applications, and the mokee’s code doesn’t have any impact on them.

龙猪: 和谷歌同步的问题自始至终只和网络,谷歌服务包有关系。谷歌服务作为独立的应用程序,魔趣的哪怕是一个字母的代码都不会对其产生影响。


This problem of sync contact is happened by only OpenGapps ?
OpenGapps is the most doubtful.

Other OS also can’t sync contact with OpenGapps?
There is another cause if other OS is possible.

I am using Lenovo Zuk Z2PRO Z2121.

-Mokee OS android7.1(20180805-release) with OpenGapps(20180805-pico).
google sync is succeed.
But contact sync is failed even first.

-Mokee OS android8.1(201808121831-nightly)with OpenGapps(20180809-pico).
google developer service’s error is displayed every 1 second. I can’t check sync.


The problem is fixed in the 180805 Release. Contact is now syncing.


Thank you reply.
I already updated Mokee OS 7.1 of Z2Pro to 20180814104-NIGHTLY from above ver 180805-release.
And I am using opengapps-arm64-7.1-pico-20180805.
But it was not solved.
Google account sync don’t finish.

This problem is in only zuk z2pro ?


Damn issue is only in Mokee roms, not RR, not other custom roms. Tried and confirmed!.


Hello guys
I am pretty sure this problem is because of xposed
Because in other roms also when i installed xposed i got this problem
And in mokee xposed is installed by default
(if you u want to check this problem in other roms first install rom and xposed then reboot
Don’t install xposed after a reboot
You will face this problem)


I dont think so, never faced this workaround with xposed, bust the sync problem occours in victara too, maybe you can disable xposed or use xposed uninstaller. I’m using another rom in victara, Aosip 7.1.1 with magisk and xposed, stock gapps and its normal


Same problem since I use Mokee (april 2018). I have already updated to Mokee OS 180805 (crackling).
It isn’t solved yet!
Is here anyone tried to uninstall Xposed, reboot, sync-contacts then install Xposed again? Is it working?