Google contacts sync issue


I’m willing to collect logs and help resolve this. Where can I open support issues/tickets/bugs for developers?



Had this issue once before on santoni. Dind’t find out how to fix.
Had this now on osprey (my baby boy destroyed my santoni).
I flashed mokee 71 build 20180707 and nano opengapps from 20180706 and contacts didn’t sync.

What worked for me was simply dirty flashing the gapps from this post:

Contacts started syncing even before updating Google Play Services.

Hope this also works for you, guys.


Confirm that the problem exists


After the first run [GAPPS] A-GAPPS 7.x.x (49MB) {arm, arm64} , the contacts were synchronized. Then Google services were automatically updated and the contacts are not synchronized again.


Same issue in the lastest builds, Any solution?


Just updated to the latest stable release of this month for the Zenfone 2 Z00A.

Contact sync is still not working. Plus, Calendar sync is also broken now. Great!


Maybe we can wait for the end of the World Cup. Leader @martincz is a Fanatic football fan. :rofl:


I am also facing the same problem of contacts with Moto G2.
Please fix this issue…