Zuk Z2121 no synchronization with contacts Google

Since some updates, synchronization with contacts Google is not possible. Everything else, like calendar, is synchronized. I currently use MK71.2-z2pro-201806252053-NIGHTLY.zip
I also installed several GAPPS.
Account Google deleted, contacts deleted. Tried everything.!

(it will appear that on 25.06.18, 17:29 _ it was not synchronized. It was just the installation of the update)
Does the problem know someone?

Also I use lenovo zuk z2pro z2121 and can’t sync contacts.
I tried some MokeeOS 7.1 until 20180825-nightly and newest OpenGapps.
I flush all space when installing.
It is dalvik, cache , data and system.
But all time failed also MokeeOS 7.1 release ver and 8.1.
I don’t know cause of this trouble.
It is by MokeeOS ? or OpenGapps ?

I’ll give up to use Mokee if this trouble is not solved until end of this month.
I am just tired about test MokeeOS.

I think, we should not use MokeeOS and new ZUI if need sync contacts.
Z2Pro can sync contacts on the old ZUI2.3.*(android6) and some apk.

I solved sync contacts problem by below link’s method.

My phone is Lenovo ZUK Z2PRO z2121.

  • MokeeOS 7.1.2-201809062138-nightly
  • Magisk-v17.1
  • OpenGapps7.1-nano-20180907
  • TianiumBackup
  • com.google.android.syncadapters.contacts_8.1.0-27_minAPI23(nodpi)_apkmirror.com.apk

Backup All App → Clear Dalvik, Cash, System, Data → Install Mokee, Magisk, OpenGapps → didn’t add Google account → Install TitaniumBackup → uninstall original syncadapters.contacts_7.1.1 from Mokee → install syncadapters.contacts_8.1 APK → reboot
→ add google account → sync → restore all App

But first time I failed.
I cuted corners at first time without clean install .
Sync was failed and any google app informed waiting error.

So, I updated MokeeOS7.1.2-0914-release from above ver.
Google keep and calendar(on acalendar app) can’t display after updated.
I needed clean install again.

Now, sync contacts problem was solved on below situation.

  • MokeeOS 7.1.2-20180914-release
  • OpenGapps 20181005 nano

We don’t need above replacing syncadapters.contacts.
Thank you.