Request: Please Make 'Mokee Center' Optional or Free!


First let me say, thank you very much to all DEV that create and those that help Mokee, I really like the ROM, it’s greatly appreciated! Nice work! :slight_smile:

Now I would like to ask the Mokee DEV/Team to consider making the ‘Mokee Center’ an optional install during the setup of the Rom, so that those that don’t want it, can’t afford to donate, don’t have to install it, or making it free to use. Please read on…

I use Mi A1, for those that don’t know, that’s Android One, and during the setup, when you first start your phone, Xiaomi has an optional application you can install, so I know this is possible to do.

The reason I ask, I am a Linux geek, and I’ve used Open Source for many years, and many people have their own ideas over Open Source, but Open Source true to itself, many projects around the world, they are free, and I use Open Source because it’s free and the freedom it offers without costs or donations…

Now that’s not to say that those that pay nothing or don’t donate any money are just leechers, this isn’t always true, many people don’t pay out of their pockets, but help contribute in some way to the project(s).

Maybe here on the Mokee forum you will not find one person who agrees to what I am saying, and that is ok, and it’s true for your hard work it’s ok to ask for money and donations, no one ever said it’s not right to do so. But Open Source is about choices, and this post is about trying to make you understand that and consider another option and offer another choice in this matter.

The facts that are true, that I do ask everyone to please realize is this. Look at all the Linux distros from around the world that are free, and no one is asking for donations for you to use these distros, or a part of the systems, or application(s), in any manner.

As Android geeks, many of you do know Ubuntu, because it’s the most common Linux platform for Android development. Now how many of you as end-users or developers on Ubuntu would feel if there was some application or service installed in Ubuntu, but Canonical told you that you couldn’t use it unless you made a donation, might find it odd in Ubuntu?

All Linux distros and Android Systems have OTA updates, and no one asks for donations to use these applications, or services. But please understand as those that read this post, I am not against doing whatever you wish to do, but realize that the ‘Majority’ of the Linux and Android world does not do this. Instead it is more common to give people the usage of such a service and ask for donations, but still offer the service, even if no one can make a donation.

Something else maybe many people have never stopped to consider, is many people around the world, consider such moves by developers or companies as a slap in the face, a way of forcing them, meaning, if you want it, you have to pay for it, again this ideology isn’t really Open Source minded.

Yes Unix Freedom, all Geeks know it, is Free as in Speech not Free as in Beer! :slight_smile:

But the point I’m trying to make, people call this Crippleware, and that’s a fact. And Crippleware is not common place at all in the Open Source world.

I’m on your side Mokee for Open Source, I am not against you, but doing something like this in the long run is only going to hurt you. People will see it this way, and not want to use or support Mokee, because of something like this.

So as I mentioned before, Open Source is about choices, so PLEASE consider making this an option during the setup of Mokee, so an end-user can choose to not install it. By the way, this would be a good reason why to explain it, because the application requires a donation to use it.

Or, change the application into a free application, still allow people to use it, while still asking for donations, and try to come up with a business model to make donations another way.

The optional choice during setup, is because many people consider something like this, that they have no need for as ‘Bloat’, just taking up space, and they want to keep all their space that they can for other more important things.

Another problem, I didn’t make a donation to test the application out, but I read, unless you pay the full donation you have ‘Ads’. Having Ads in Android, this is not a good move to have in an OS application.

Remember, there are always ways to make money and donations, even in Open Source too, without giving people Crippleware, and making them feel forced into needing to pay.

Now some might say, no one is forcing anyone, yes that’s true, but the point is, when you show someone something like this application, and tell them you can’t use it until you donate, that does make people feel forced at times. Also for some people, it doesn’t feel like a donation, rather, you have to pay.

Thank you all who are responsible to consider this, and to everyone! I am not here to offend anyone or be negative here, but to offer constructive criticism as a Linux geek and professional, I have many years of professional experience in computer technology, and open source.

Now let’s not say what a lot of Geeks might say after reading all this, that in Open Source, you have the choice to go use something else if you don’t like it! Yes I truly understand, and so does everyone, that we all have a choice to not use Mokee if we don’t like it, but I am here with the experience to know, there is a better way to this, and that is what I have outlined here.

I want to see Mokee survive as a Android Rom, but I have seen to many in the past go this way, not to succeed in the end, that is why I made this post, in hopes of bringing about better change for Mokee.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

where is your better idea?:neutral_face:

Please read the post slowly and carefully, and you’ll understand and see the better ideas mentioned… :slight_smile:

Basically it just comes down to being an Option to Install or Free…

yeah i totally agree optional instal will be good, before i use mokee center is to check for update notification
since no more incremental ota its useless
i’m disabling/un-instal mokee center, since its just hogging data and sometimes background ads

and yeah donation is user choice, but forced ads in system app is no way

I used to be using Mokee Rom for a while…about one month this year. I uninstalled it when the buttons of my MI 6 was not responding after a nightly OTA. I still made a full donation, waiting for a stable release. At least, in that month, I didn’t see any ads from my system unless I open Mokee Center.

You’ve mentioned that Ubuntu is free. But it is Canonical that is behind Ubuntu, a company, with employees. Yes, Ubuntu is free, because Canonical has other ways to make money, and it has enough money for Ubuntu to ‘burn’, to keep servers running, to pay the salary…The new Mokee Project has no such conditions, it depends on its users, while providing online services.

I’m not a Linux geek. I’m still learning to program, and I know how hard it is. Everyone who has programmed may know the hard fight between bugs and compilers and varied platforms and so on. I think Mokee deserves donations and ads. It needs them to survive and serve. The reason why ‘Mokee Center’ is forcibly installed, I think, is for the developers’ glory and honor.

MoKee is free, but the infrastructure behind to run the whole project is expensive.

As you’re a geek, it’s totally ok for you to download the whole source code of MoKee and build a ad-free version for personal use.

@Jason_Phone, you missed the point in regards to Ubuntu, that yes they did find a way as a business to make money, it’s the same idea I was trying to make people understand, that Mokee needs to find another way too. Of course Canonical is big, but what about all the smaller distros out there, just as small, if not smaller then Mokee, where no one asks…

No matter, how big, how small, etc., Open Source does’t add in Crippleware, it’s not the approach to take. The software should not even be installed, unless the end-user wants to install it and then pay for it, not filling up someone’s space with bloat they have no need for.

@XiNGRZ, and of course, someone can compile the source and do what they want, it was not the point of the discussion, and it was something I forgot to bring up, it’s about what Mokee is doing and giving…

Facts are Facts, and the Fact is, there is only a very small minority taking this approach to their system. Actually I never personally seen anyone add in Cripplware to a Linux distro, and asking donations…

As I said, I am on the side of Mokee to survive, and I am not here to spout nonsense, anyone that doesn’t believe the facts, go out and do the research and see for yourself, what the majority do.

Also, another fact, there are a lot of Open Source projects all around the world, some even bigger then Mokee, that never ask for one donation and do it all for free, and when you compare the size of some of these projects, they out number Mokee.

There is one very important point I forgot to mention, and Mokee DEV really need to pay attention to this! Most people understand that projects like this in the Open Source world are done as free, as pleasure, hobbies, something to give back to the world of Open Source, developers around the world, that just contribute of their time for free, etc., etc., etc…

So there’s a fine line between asking and looking like begging. No one needs to be reminded of how Open Source is, most people understand all of this, so look at the facts that way, go back out there and see how many are also just asking for donations, and you’ll see again it’s small, because people understand.

So the point here too, people don’t need to be told, asked, or reminded what an Open Source community is, you have to becareful the fine line, so as to not appear pushy or begging on the subject of money and donations.
Because a lot of people will show you and tell you of all the projects around the world where no one asks.

Mokee also has to becareful, because people look at the fact that you are riding on Android, and Android/Google is the one here that has done the majority of work building this OS, and then people will look to compare all that work that is given for free to the end-users and ask you then, how big was your contribution in comparison, when Android and Google offer for free.

No one cares that Ubuntu, Android, or Google has a business in place, and it’s how they make money, people just look at what they do and say it’s free, then look at someone like Mokee that comes along and asks money, and look at it negative.

Remember, I’ve said it before, I’m on Mokee’s side here, I think it’s a really nice ROM, I just happen to know the Facts in the world of Open Source, to know, this is not the way, and in the end, it’s not going to work.

I’ve been involved in Open Source for so long, that you never see people contribute to projects in this manner, and when it does, it never happens on the scale that anyone needs, they are always just small amouunts, that never really help as much as what’s needed. So then you ask, you still don’t get what you need, and it just all back fires in your face, everything, looking bad for adding in Crippleware, and ads, and in the end, not working out.

And why it doesn’t work, why it never works, because it’s not the Open Source Mentality… People don’t come to Open Source to pay, they come because it’s free, and they expect free…

Not everyone, but those who are poor and take everything for granted.

$5 for a cup of coffee? Sure.

$5 for a burger? Yep.

$25 for a t-shirt? Fair.

$75/month for cable? Duh.

$800 for a phone: Obviously.

$5 to support a 100% free ROM & support developers:



@MoKit I think it’s you who fails to understand what open source is… You can get your free and your optional install… Even both if you want, the source is there, feel free (yes 100% free) to adjust and tailor and compile it to your personal needs… If you request that from others you’re asking them to work for you… Hence you should pay…

@miuifan @MrBlubke, we can go around in circles on the subject matter, but if everyone is going to deny the facts, then what’s the point in having a discussion?

MrBlubke, it helps if you read comments before posting…

Previous comments --> XiNGRZ, and of course, someone can compile the source and do what they want…

Also, no one asked anyone to work for them, not sure where misunderstood this from. This topic of discussion also has nothing to do with anyone working for anyone, it’s about how the Open Source Model works, and what the Majortity do in Open Source. Everyone understands that for your work, you can get paid for it. No one will deny that, but everyone also understands, having FREE Open Code, that everyone can get for FREE, and contribute, etc., and you might say, there is an Unwritten Rule, because of this Free and Freedom in Open Source, the majority don’t do it the way Mokee does.

I know very well how the Open Source model works, I have lived and worked in it many years, on many levels…

I mentioned this before, that the Facts are, the Minority of Developers take the approach Mokee does, with installing Crippleware, and how they are going about asking for Donations. If you all would please go out and spend some time researching this, you will know what I saying.

Got out and look at all the Android Roms, and the Linux/Unix Distros, and then the developers making software, on all these platforms, and you will see what the Majority does…

It won’t take long, start at DistroWatch, go to the website of every distro out there for starters;

Next, go to as many ROM developers sites you can find.

Now after doing all this, figure out the percentage of what you found, and you will see.

I’m not trying to be rude here, but if everyone that wants to continue discussing doesn’t do this, then we are just going around in circles.

I have done the work over the years of my invlovement in Open Source, that is why I brought up this post, because I know the facts, and I was just trying to share them, to only help Mokee, not spam or troll.

So let’s all be happy and positive on the forum and contribute with facts and knowledge, not just small talk that gets us no where…


P.S. We can all keep talking and sharing ideas, and trying to tell everyone how this works, that works, etc… But the facts do not change, and that is, the Majority of those in the Open Source World do not install Crippleware on a System, and ask for donations in this manner. Now please do the research…

I never said Mokee can’t, or shouldn’t go about trying to make Donations, it’s ONLY ABOUT the WAY in which they are doing it, Mokee needs to have a better Open Source Model in place for getting support, not this way.

Where is the way,
What is the better Open Source Model,
Just make ‘Mokee Center’ Optional or Free???
I can see nothing from your word,
There are too many ways to make good Suggestions,not in your way.

I think the problem is not Open Source or closed source, but server and bandwidth for compile ROM nightly.

MoKee is a nonprofit ROM, it does not serve any enterprise, it does not have a stable source of income like MIUI or Lineage, But MoKee ROM can continue to update, is because the server and bandwidth are paid by the MoKee Team at their own expense.

The donations from users, in addition to the payment platform to extract certain commission, the remaining 50% used to pay the cost of servers and bandwidth, 50% to the hands of device developer.

In fact, all system functions of MoKee ROM are free, also includes system updates. You can download the full package update at any time in the MoKee center, or you can download the full or incremental package in the MoKee official website(, and then enter to recovery mode to update.

And the other fact is, the so-called donation is that a few people feed most people. The number of users willing to donate is much less than that of free users. On the other hand, This model of MoKee’s donation not only allows users to express their support for MoKee Team and device developers, and guarantees the reasonable rights of donors, but also guarantees free users can use all system features.