[SOLVED] Ok Google from home screen or lock screen won't work

Anyone else having issues with the Ok Google feature? I have Google App and Google Assistant installed. The “Ok Google” trigger works from within the apps, but not from the home screen or the lock screen.

Under Google App settings > Offline speech recognition, there are no languages listed anywhere.

Did anyone get this working?

… and also, Voice Match is always grayed out and cannot be enabled.

which gapps version you installed?


I flashed the nano version of gapps.

I wanto to thank @kolibre for the tip. Installing the micro version of GApps solved this for me. The option to enable Voice Match appeared along with other options.

glad you solved it. i think pico should work with OK google as well (only for home screen but not any screen) as long as you set google as your default assistant app in app settings. thats what i always do.

I think the same way. Is the first time i´ve this issue with a custom ROM. i tried to flash Micro Gapps in my Cancro Mi4, but i cant, cause system partition space so have to flash the NANO package.

I tried the Risize Partition in TWRP, but doesn´t work.