Cannot donate from Mokee App

I’m trying to donate so I could use OTA updates, but got issues:

  1. Alipay is not good for me - when I’m trying to pay from Mokee App, it generates some data and opens Alipay web site with only one language. No option for openning site in external browser, so I can’t use google translate. Not useable for me :frowning:
  2. Paypal is not able to recieve payment - when i’m trying to pay from Mokee App, it generates some data and opens PayPal site with message, that Payments for that seller are not allowed (incorrect client’s code)

How can I donate? :slight_smile: I want to use OTA on my device.

You can download the updates package from,
It’s also very convenient.

No I can’ t do it in a good way.
While trying to download update with any browser except internet explorer, site decline any attempt, with reason “you are using ad-blocker”. I am not, but site think another way. Also speed is poor, and time for download going up to hour.

I want to donate, anyway, how can I?


I have the same problem but I would add a question about validity of this payment, how long I will be able to download fast? thank you

If you don’t change the equipment, it’s forever.

If you change your device, you must re-donate it.

well, it’s very cheap, if we could complete the procedure will be fantastic
any idea?