Modify props of build.prop

Hi there, I’m trying to change some properties in the file build.prop, but no result, the system keeps having old values for some properties, even after a reboot. For example “”. The explanation is system is reading some values not from build.prop but from somewhere else. I would like to know from where and how to modify it. Thanks in advance

It’s in permissive mode

You can try “setprop” command via any terminal. or “adb shell setprop” via computer

Hi guys, thanks for your help, but unfortunately it didn’t work. It’s true that is obtained by a combination of those values, but it’s how it is obtained the first time, then it’s saved somewhere and read every time at boot. The same value (and also ro.product.brand,, ro.product.device,, etc.) are present also in build.prop, but if I change them, at next boot the system ignores them and has always the same values.
setprop work for many properties but not from the ones which start with ro. (in fact “ro” means read-only). The unique way of changing those properties is changing the places where the system read them and then reboot.

So my aim is finding that place where those values are saved and read.

Ok, I’ll try asking the developer. Thank you anyway!

some props are changed in libinit in boot.img dynamically, which means you cannot change that in build.prop by hand, that depends on your maintainer.

Hi there, sorry for replying late, and thank you for your suggestion. I think it goes in the right way: I dumped the image boot.img, extracted the “initrd.img” file, extracted it and I found the file “default.prop”. I can try adding values in it, repacking then the boot.img and inserting it back into the phone and see if the system gets the new values. However I hoped to find the “build.prop” file, but it was not into the boot.img file, so I wonder where I can find it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance