Galaxy S3 I9300 MK7.1.2 []


Problem when synchronizing contacts through synchronization through google.

It also shows that the gapps are not installed once running the Rom when installing the Rom and Gapps after doing a complete cleanup from the recovery.

I tried different Gapps and among them they solved the problem that many devices have, the Gapps are for the following versions:

°GAPPS 7.x.x (last for ARM) [49,.6 MB]
°GAPPS 7.x.x (last for ARM64) [54,.4 MB]

If not work contacts sync. try this:
Go to Contacts permissions click on show System apps and grant every app the permission, after that go to storage permission and do the same.

Download link:

Special thanks to: {Open if you have Android Oreo}