Victara Moto X 2014 broken since daily build 2018-07-14

Description of Problem: Mokee 8.1 daily build crashes on Victara Moto X 2014
Current Version: Daily 8.1 Victara
Steps: Install from TWRP and it hangs on boot
Bug description: The daily builds are broken and crash on first boot, 7/14 is OK, since is broken
Affected version: Daily builds ever since 7/14
Steps to replicate: download the daily build, install from TWRP, and watch it hang…


Hi toesher,

I’ve also experienced this problem after updating my mokee. After updating to the nightly build of 27/07/2018 my victara kept crashing.

There are new updates for the TWRP, which I though would resolve the problem. However, even after updating TWRP and installing the build of 03/08/2018 it was lagging all over the place.

Could you provide the build of 07/14? I wasn’t capable of finding it.


OK, I will send to you by Email.

Please give me the email.

This workaround solved? Last week i’ve flashed and not bootup. Already updated my TWRP for 3.2.3-0

Hi gwcwy,

I tried to send to you a private message with my email, but it didn’t work. Could you please send me yours, so I can reach to you?


Hi Jeferson,

Couldn’t understand clearly what you said in the post. Do you have any problems? Or the OS works perfectly?

In that build the system wont boot up. Now is it booting, but when i flash gapps, the system becomes laggy

Ok so the behaviour is the same since the build pointed out by toehser. Did you noticed that your phone warmed alot?

yes too damn hot