Victara Moto X 2014 broken since daily build 2018-07-14


Description of Problem: Mokee 8.1 daily build crashes on Victara Moto X 2014
Current Version: Daily 8.1 Victara
Steps: Install from TWRP and it hangs on boot
Bug description: The daily builds are broken and crash on first boot, 7/14 is OK, since is broken
Affected version: Daily builds ever since 7/14
Steps to replicate: download the daily build, install from TWRP, and watch it hang…


Hi toesher,

I’ve also experienced this problem after updating my mokee. After updating to the nightly build of 27/07/2018 my victara kept crashing.

There are new updates for the TWRP, which I though would resolve the problem. However, even after updating TWRP and installing the build of 03/08/2018 it was lagging all over the place.

Could you provide the build of 07/14? I wasn’t capable of finding it.



OK, I will send to you by Email.

Please give me the email.