Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Mokee 7.1.2 Audio Bug && Gapps

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Hello MoKee forum, I had two problems.

The first one is when i flashed rom, on TWRP i selected the package and after respective Gapps package, when i arrived to setup Gapps the launcher breaks and make me reload. But the solution was install Rom first, confugure and after Gapps package.

The second and most important is related with audio. This feature was tested with Youtube, VLC and Mokee native Music Player: when i connect headset to phone the audio don’t work on headset, I tried two different headsets and one music station. The 3.5 Jack looks like detect it, but can’t send the audio to headphones. (The Jack is working in other rom). One more tip, I don’t tested it on bluetooth to know if the issue is on alsa driver, but I expect the bug is related 100% with audio Jack.

There is a screenshot with rom information

Same problem with zte nubia 7 max. Also in the past had same problem with zuk z2!!! But with zuk i found a tiny flash and problem fixed.

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