Whyred Navbars

The navigation bar on my whyred device is weird…
Sometimes the outer ring of home button in Navbars is gone and only inside filled circle is there
Sometimes only the circle changes color to black in white background and the ring don’t change the colour it is white

So i thought of changing navigation bar theme via substratum , then the outer ring of home button never goes , i tried many themes…

I wanted to add ss fr bttr explanation of the issue , bt as i am a new member i cannot upload images.

I don’t think it is a bug as my device performs exactly the same as what you’ve described.
The appearance of a ring indicates that Google Assistant is available.(reference to redit) So Here is my guess:What MOKEE does is that it adds a ring to the circle to ensure that the rom is ”pixel style“ even if Assistant is unavailable(you know it’s not convenient to use it in China).
I’m not the developer so I don’t really know how it works.Maybe the mechanism is a little more complicated.It‘s just imperfect but I can live with that.

Maybe you should try some non-substratum apps, like this Pixel Navigation Bar.