Mk71.2 mobile data issue

Please help I am getting serious network issue in this mokee ROM. My device is Redmi HM note 1s ( Gucci ).
after some time the network disappears and when it reappear the mobile data is not working, it is on but not working, and FYI my APN is ok

here are the screenshots

Please help

I’m seeing same mobile data loss on mk71.2 for the lg g3 vs985 variant. My troubleshooting points to Mokee ROM somehow corrupting efs partition. The only temporary fix is to backup working efs file and then flash only the efs when data signal is lost. This works about 90% to restore data in my experiance. This does not happen on any other ROMs, so its defiantly a bug in Mokee that must be fixed. It has happened on multiple devices for me, both the vs985 and d850 lg g3 variants.

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For me the solution is keeping mobile data on and when ever it goes off I have to re-start the phone and that is annoying.
Provide a fix mokee.

Also there’s the Google contacts bug that needs fixing. Very strange and only occurs with mokee ROM. Google contacts will just not sync and populate the contacts list. These two bugs is what’s prevents me from donating to Mokee and using it on my lg g3 devices.

Yes that is also an issue I had to use VCF file for that.

There is also an issue with the autorotation of apps, the apps are not rotating even after autorotation is turned on.

Provide a fix mokee for that mobile data issue.

I also found a new issue my front camera is not working when I switch to it, says can’t connect to camera. Fix this mokee it is really a big problem.