NX54J (Nubia Z11 mini S) - WiFi not working. MK71.2

Bug description:
After flashing the MoKee ROM, Wifi doesn’t work. Wireless interface is always down, and MAC is 02:00:00:00:00:00.
I don’t know is it related, but NFC also doesn’t work - cannot turn it on.
Affected version: MK71.2
Steps to replicate:

  • Flash full, official, international ROM - WiFi works fine.
  • Flash MoKee MK71.2 ROM - WiFi doesn’t work.


Had the same problem.
Solved it like this: http://xiaomifirmware.com/guides-and-tips/guide-wifi-not-working-redmi-4x-custom-rom/
Gyess there’s 1 file missing in MK71.2.

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Thanks a lot! That helped! Now I have my WiFi working. I think this topic should be saved somewhere for reference.

BTW - I copied the file directly in TWRP file manager, so I did this without rooting my phone :slight_smile: