How to chose to use mobile internet or not when WiFi error ?

How to chose to use mobile internet or not when WiFi trouble?

I am using Mokee7.1.2 RELEASE 180914 on Lenovo ZUK Z2PRO.

Mokee never inform to use mobile internet when WiFi trouble.
Mokee drain mobile internet automatically on this situation.

User can’t notice about draining mobile internet.
Because, information is nothing.
And user can’t setting about this situation.

The only workaround is to turn off the mobile internet everytime when wifi using .
This is so stupid thing.

I feel , this stupid situation is alikes Bug of OS.
Past time other Android informed and let us chose to continue wifi or off wifi.

Please tell me more better solution.

go to Developer options, disable Mobile data always active.

Thank you.

This setting was turned off already from the begining.

You can get this situation easily.

step0.check ‘accept cellular data always active.’ of developer option, and turn off.

step1.turn on phone’s mobile internet and WiFi.

step2.remove WiFi router’s WAN port cable.

step3.wait changing WiFi mark. It is ‘X’ disconnect mark. Also mobile mark change ‘LTE’ or ‘3G’ connective mark.

step4.browse web site. You should be able to internet.

‘cellular data always active’ is turned off.
But it is not reflected.

This situation was continued if delete WiFi and register again.

How to turn off always connect internet with each WiFi ?

This setting is nothing.
We have to delete wifi setting if disable to keep wifi connection setting when wifi disconnect internet.

But this setting can’t solve bug of [cellular connect always active] and keep wifi connection always.