Antirollback protection

Antirollback protection
none 3.0 1

Hi guys, thank you for your time.
I used this rom in my lg g2 and it still works perfectly, and now I would like to install it in my xiaomi note 3, I know that this system is implemented from oreo in the official roms xiaomi, mooke if I’m not mistaken it is based on AOSP, nothing to do with MIUI, but my question is if mooke is free from this system, thanks.

As far as I know, If MIUI add Antirollback protection on your phone, it’s just MIUI add Antirollback, No impact on Mokee ROM.

ok the problem is that if you install that system does not let you install anything below the version you’re using, and you have to make fun of it and it’s more complicated and there’s still not much information on that topic.