Nubia Z17 Mini Model - nx569j Device tree

Nubia Z17 Mini Model - nx569j Device tree


Where is the device tree for Nubia Z17 Mini Model - nx569j? I can’t find it on GIT or mokee git. Anyone know the location so I may look through it since it has a few of the same parts as SM-C9000 and I am getting close at having C9 Pro usable with Lineage OS.



Well,maybe you can ask this people for help
He is the maintainer of MK71.2-nx569j-201709301414-NIGHTLY.


I was under the impression that since it can be built as a nightly than source has to be on the Mokee side. So if it’s getting build and is official than where is the device tree located? I do not have a weibo account we dont use Chinese Twitter in Hong Kong we use Twitter.

So if mokee is opensource and tree’s are needed to do nightly builds on the bots, where is the device tree located and why has it not been uploaded. Doesn’t it need to be opensource to become official similar to Lineage OS?

Am I missing something here?


I have asked him on weibo, I do not know when he can reply to me, and I have sent the address of the post to him.




Tree vendor kernel uploaded for device on github.

Thanks for the help.