TWRP for Lenovo Z90 zoom (VibeShot)

Hello dear community.

I have a Lenovo Z90 which I would like to flash with Mokee.
This is the exact model:
I have unlocked the bootloader but I cannot find the TWRP image for this phone.
Does anyone have the correct TWRP?
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Use this one, if you’re on Marshmallow Android (6.0.1)

Hi Linax,

Thanks for your answer.
Yes the phone is currently running stock Marshmallow 6.0.1

Do you have the correct TWRP for this phone or do you have a link where I could download it?


The twrp is made by enzogar. So goole for it. Something like “twrp Z90-7 by enzogar lenovo vibe shot”

Thanks! I found something here:расширенное-рекавери-twrp-by-sevenmaxs/

Do you think that is the right one?

Use this one (but you should register to be able to download)