Unable to update manually on Kuntao 8.1

Bug description: When trying to update manually by flashing incremental updates in twrp, it’s getting stuck in the patching screen.
Affected version: 08-10-2018 …DEVICE - KUNTAO
Steps to replicate: reboot to recovery> flash incremental package> screen freezes on patching screen.

Please look into this.

Newest version has webview app update.
It is very slow, please wait a moment.

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But on Redmi Note 4 Mido, I am able to flash the update successfully through twrp. Why is that then? :thinking:. Please fix this issue on kuntao, as Mokee is my priority on both devices. Thanks .

just very slow…
You also can flash newest full rom to update.(just for skip patch webview)

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Is this going to be fixed soon? And who is the developer for Kuntao? Thanks for the rom :blush::blush::blush:

It’s not a bug. webview is a very large app, patch update need spend a lot of time, flash a full rom can skip this step.
For example, if webview app update at 2018-10-01, you can flash 2018-10-01 full rom.
OTA updates can be used normally in the future

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I use oneplus 5T, ota update spend about half hour.

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And face unlock is missing in Smart lock with the recent gapps… micro/nano. How to solve?

My device uses the latest version of OpenGApps, no faceunlock, But the old version is available…I think this is a problem of OpenGApps.

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Which last version of gapps has working face unlock? Please help me.

i don‘t know, the April version on my phone is available

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April which date? And which version? Nano / micro?

my device is arm(32bit) device, and my faceunlock is available after I user the April 14 version.