Samsung note3 n9002 sim issue

Samsung note3 n9002 sim issue
none 5.0 1

Dear mokeedev
I want to need grab attention of the developers device Samsung note3 sm 9002 dual sim little bug find and remove it. I know developers find this bug and fix in a few clicks.

I tried ( rom versions 8.1 orio works wonderfully well zero crash.
Both sim cards signals simultaneously show but when I dialed number in to sim#2 there is no audio coming out from earpiece or loudspeaker and mic . Don’t seem to active call which feels like muted for both caller and receiver ends.

I don’t know what I can do where the error located in CSC,ETC or mixer paths or some other specific binaries and libs.

So I want developer’s attention needed to find this bug and fix it. Waiting for good reply.

我想要抓住開發者設備的注意三星note3 sm 9002雙sim小bug找到並刪除它。我知道開發人員只需點擊幾下即可找到此錯誤並進行修復。

我試過(版本8.1 orio的工作非常好,零崩潰。



Plz look into this issue…