Updated to latest MK71.2-z00a-181020-RELEASE and now the phone is stuck in its boot logo

I tend to wait for larger updates because I find daily smaller incrementals annoying.

Last night, my phone received a notification for the latest MK71.2-z00a-181020-RELEASE and after installation, it is now stuck in its boot logo.

Anyone else having this issue?

My phone is an Asus Zenfone 2 Z00A.

UPDATE: Installing the next nightly MK71.2-z00a-201810212018-NIGHTLY fixed the boot issue, but Google Play Store and Play Service stopped working. It’s asking for my account credentials and keeps crashing for no reason.

Reinstalling Open GApps at the latest version open_gapps-x86-7.1-full-20181021 did help much. I still cannot add my Google account back to the phone.