About add Network priority setting

I want new features of Network priority.

I want to setup priority about WiFi and Bluetooth and Mobile internet.

Normally, High priority is 1.WiFi, 2.Bluetooth, 3.Mobile internet.

User can’t change priority.
There is only one situation, not other.
The policy is different each persons each situations.
User don’t know using which network now.
User can’t connect internet even mobile internet when waiting WiFi auth.
User want not connect small area WiFi when moving by the car.
Now mobile internet is more high speed than weakly or traffic WiFi.
When 5G situation ?
Network speed is changed each time zone of day.
User spend big mobile data while short time.

  • @About Physical type.
    A. WiFi.
    B. Bluetooth.
    C. Mobile internet.

  • @About User Priority type.
    A. User want low cost network.(user chosen network)
    B. User want connectivity.
    C. User want high speed.

  • @About situation
    A. not move.
    B. slow speed moving. walking.
    C. high speed moving.

  • @About place
    A. Inside with WiFi.
    B. Outside with WiFi.
    C. Outside.

  • @About WiFi auth timing type
    A. Nothing or only first time.
    B. Every time by connection time limit.

  • @About WiFi auth type
    A. WiFi password only.
    B. Displayed Auth setting, onepush or only open or ID&PASS everytime.
    C. Displayed Auth setting, and input new generated code every time by SMS and other.

I think, best solution is reflecting above all thing each situation.
But it is just hard.

I suggest below additional features.

  • Network Priority setting.
    User sort ‘WiFi’,‘Bluetooth’, ‘Mobile internet’. and top is ‘Primary Network’.

  • User sort network in each ‘Network Priority’.
    Example, In ‘Network Priority-WiFi’, User chose home and pocket wifi, home wifi’s Priority is higher, other is same Priority.

  • ‘Primary Network’ is top priority, user chose from all network setting.
    It is WiFi, Bluetooth, Sim.

  • Auto connect by these Priority.

  • Don’t Switch networks before auth and connective.
    keep connect now network until next network will connective.

  • Showing use network mark on status bar.
    WiFi W or Bluetooth B or Mobile M.

I think, above these features can solve almost needs.

But it will be the best solutions if add below features.

  • ‘User Priority type’ for ‘Network Priority’
    User chose from A. User want low cost network.(user chosen network) or
    B. User want connectivity or
    C. User want high speed.
    Example when type A, WiFi keep to connect whether can connect internet or not.
    Example when type B, Change to other if can not connect internet or caches more connective network.
    Example when type C, Change to other if catches high speed networ or can’t connect internet.

  • ‘User Priority type’ for each sub of ‘Network Priority’
    into ‘Network Priority-WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile and Primary’.

  • Guess speed and connective from now situation.

  • Do test about speed and connective and signal on the background.

  • remember speed and situation and auth type and connective term and disconnect causes and something.

  • When Auto connect, try auth automatically on easy auth situation.
    (B. Displayed Auth setting, onepush or only open or ID&PASS everytime.)
    This features is needed users check.

  • Threshold value setting for each type.
    Unstable connections signal and response time, past times connective term.
    Slow speed and high speed, and spending data while 30sec, 1min, 3min.
    User moving speed and ignore WiFi without pocket WiFi.

  • Display now disconnect situation.
    User set ignore display, or clear ignore setting.

  • Display caution to spend data at high speed if mobile or tethering.
    After change to now network, first time.
    User set ignore display, or clear ignore setting, or display even 1 hour or only first time.

It is O.K. if you think about this features.
Because now is not just useful by us.
I pray more better android.