[UNSOLVED] Samsung Galaxy Note 3 HLTE, MK8.1, No Sim Card Issue

Bug description: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 HLTE (France) Sim Card (Operator: http://www.free.fr/) not recognized

Affected version: Latest Nightly build of Mokee 8.1 (MK81.0-hlte-201811010852-NIGHTLY.zip)

Steps to replicate:


The latest (2017-05-07) official stock build works fine :

I run the latest Mokee 8.1 nightly.

When I start, it says I have no Sim Card (I obviously have one, working, since going back to stock rom with ODIN works). I Checked with official build and my IMEI is the good one (same as on my phone box).

I tried all the workarounds I could find here :

I also tried to flash over Mokee with Odin a new Baseband/Firmware with files from the latest stock 5.0 working rom.

Please fix it.

Hey, I managed to get my SIM card detected doing this :

1- Install TWRP with Odin
2- Boot in Recovery and connect USB
3- Upload with PC : Mokee Nightly, OpenGapps, AddonSU, Magisk, magisk apk
4- Install in this order : Mokee Nightly, OpenGapps, AddonSU, Magisk
5- Problem : Sim Card not detected
6- Reboot in Download
7- Flash latest Baseband (CP) : CP_N9005XXUGPQB1.tar (2017-02-v1)
8- Reboot in Recovery
9- Wipe (advanced wipe) : Dalvik / ART Cache + Data + cache
10- Reboot

I don’t know if it’ll last… But at least I got it detected now.

I hope it’ll help you fix it so that rom flash works out of the box.

Bootloaders and basebands :

The latest baseband as of now :

If SIM disappears… This makes it appear again (but you lose all your phone config!!!) :

  • Wipe (advanced wipe) : Data
    Note: Wipe (advanced wipe) : Dalvik / ART Cache + cache doesn’t make the SIM appear again.

EDIT : As soon as my phone reboots… The SIM Card disappears… And a data wipe + full manual reconfig is required to make it back on! :frowning:

… Can’t get it to work. So frustrating.

please flash bl,csc,cp in odin,check base band and be sure about the device name hlte not hltechn,update twrp vision to 3.2.1 least,Prevents unrecognized swiping scripts