How to Remove Google services in an installed Mokee ROM ?

First ; I installed a Mokee ROM on my Lenovo Vibe Shot Z90a40 (International version) then I flashed the open source google apps using TWRP… All is fine. Thaks for the Mokee Team

Now, I want to remove the Open source Google apps that I flashed on the Mokee Rom.

So I restored the phone to the factory setting hoping it will give me the original Moke release without Google Services but nothing happened : When lunching the ROM the first time, it still showing the Google Services…

Pleasee, is there any solution to reinstall the Mokee release free from Goggle Services ?

Thanks a lot and have a good day (Sorry for my approximative english…)

The GApps exist in the system partition, So you wipe the data partition has no effect on the existence of GApps. And because GApps created the backup script in the directory /system/addon.d, you update the full OTA has no effect on the existence of GApps.

How to remove GApps?

1.Wipe the system partition and flash full MoKee ROM.
2.Delete the backup script in the directory /system/addon.d, and flash full MoKee ROM.

Thank you for your explanation…

The only file I found in the directory /system/addon.d is “” (and a file named “blacklist” without any extention), so I haven’t see anythink lie “”… What shall I do ?

(For my first poste, please note that the Mokee ROM I flashed wasn’t an OTA… It waz a ZIP file I put it with TWRP)

Thanks a lot

emmmmm,as the picture show:

If you don’t find this file, maybe the way you install Google services is different from what I imagined.
I think you should use method 1:

OK. I’ll do it and I’ll tell you later. Thanks

Problem solved !
As you told me, I wiped SYSTEM from TWRP and reflashed Mokee Release. All is fine now and no battery drain caused by the Gapps.